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Buy GDA is even easier .. just a click!

Buy GDA is even easier .. just a click!

Buy GDA is even easier .. just a click!

Buy GDA is even easier .. just a click!

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The Aspirarredo ® system

Everyone in the world is in search of his own aspiration, we created the one for all.


Do you forgot to install the vacuum system while you were building the house? You must replace your old portable vacuum cleaner and want something really functional and practical? Or you simply want to have a vacuum system in your home but it's too late?

Do not worry, we thought we ...

The Aspirarredo Aria-Suite system is a central vacuum cleaning system manufactured and patented by General D’Aspirazione. The Aspirarredo Aria-Suite system can easily be installed at any time thus avoiding having to make holes in the walls, ceilings or floors. The sophisticated design and the choice of finishes make Aria-Suite an attractive furnishing element and allow you to install the system to match any ambience and style, both in residential, commercial or industrial.

It is ideal for the bio-building industry thanks to the benefits the system offers and the choice of materials used.


If you love the feeling of well-being that a healthy environment transmits, you can today count on a strong and effective ally, capable of expelling city dust or country pollen from wherever you are.
With the aid of dedicated accessories, Aria-Suite allows you to suck in dust and liquids from any surface in a powerful, effective and silent manner. The system generates a decompression process that changes the stale air in the room where you work, and especially benefits persons that suffer from allergies and respiratory disorders.
With the Aspirarredo Aria-Suite system any type of waste is deposited in the hermetic container of the central unit away from the room in which it is used.

Microdust, mites and bacteria are filtered and expelled to the outside.

Technical Features

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