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From today buy GDA is even easier .. just a click!

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Baseboard aspirator

The Baseboard Aspirator,is  characterized by its typical installation at floor level and allows to increase the system’s functionality as centralized vacuum cleaner especially in domestic kitchens and in the hair stylists halls.
It installed in the kitchens baseboards and allows collecting the  crumbs without using the flexible pipe. In  the hairdressers salons it makes the collection of hair after the cut quick and easy, simply taking them towards the baseboard aspirator with the broom.

Aspiratore a battiscopa in cucina
Baseboard aspirator Baseboard aspirator colour Black, White and Aluminium Zinc-plated steeled mounting plate for wall installation Aspiratore a battiscopa in cucina Aspiratore a battiscopa in negozio di parrucchiera

Thanks to its Design it can be adaptable to the surrounding styles.

It may also be installed on the wall using the provided suction inlet.

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