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From today buy GDA is even easier .. just a click!

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Liquid Aspirator/ Ash Aspirator

This precious accessory is necessary in many situations of everyday life.
It sucks all kinds of liquid from the floor wiping accurately. Using a little water and detergent,it sucks also the dirt  more  difficult  as in public places, kitchens, toilets, outdoor areas, etc..
It sucks the ash from the fireplace with the use of suction filter ash
It is also useful in emergency domestic small jobs, such as unclogging sinks without having to call the plumber.
It has a patented anti-foam device and automatic device that stops the suction when the container is full to avoid damaging the plant. Polypropylene container is resistant to impact, heat and acids. Recyclable material.

Aspiraliquidi Liquid aspirator with accessory ash

Aspiraliquidi con accessorio aspiracenere

Capacità 23 L
Completo di:

  • kit di collegamento
  • Spazzola Aspiraliquidi 37 cm
  • Coppia di prolunghe in plastica
  • Filtro aspira cenere (si consiglia l’uso con tubo di lavoro dedicato)
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