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From today buy GDA is even easier .. just a click!

Finally online the new e-shop GDA!

From today buy GDA is even easier .. just a click!

Centralized suction has an extra gear!

new 1450

Centralized suction has an extra gear!

The new era of aspiration centralized

Astra, Ultra-Flat Beauty

The new era of aspiration centralized

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Patents,Certificates and Approvals

Azienda con Sistema Qualità Certificato UNI EN ISO 9001:2008.Company with certified Quality System UNI EN ISO 9001:2008.

Marcatura di conformità alle Direttive Comunitarie Europee (prese e centrali).Marking of conformity with European Community directives (inlets and central units).

BREVETTO Aria Suite - Il Sistema AspirarredoAspirarredo System

  • Channeling on sight for centralized  vacuum cleaner system.

BREVETTO Vacuum control units.

  • dimensions limited;
  • system of insertion and removal of container;
  • internal silencer;
  • indipendent air entry and exit;
  • system of fixing to the wall;
  • internal selfcleaning;
  • protection of the filter.

BREVETTO Residential and Industrial Infinity Wireless System

  • Control system for central vacuum;
  • Management on and off with a wireless system multioperator.

BREVETTO DEA series suction inlet

BREVETTO Suction inlet for immediate testing of the system

Grado di protezione IP 55 nella serie Wireless e Intelligence. Protection degree IP 55 in the series Wireless e Intelligence.

  • Total pretection the penetration of solid object
  • Protection against the Penetration of liquid drops,vapuours,spray and water jets in any ditrection
  • The penetration of powders and liquids must not damage the equipment.
  • To install the controll unit outside without protection.

Grado di protezione IP 44 nella serie TotalProtection degree IP 44  in Total series

  • Protection against the penetration of solid, more than 1 mm;
  • Protecion against the penetration of liquid drops,vapours or spray in any direction;
  • The penetration of solids,less than 1 mm and liquid must not harm items;

Grado di isolamento elettrico Classe II.Degree of electrical insultation class II.

Per tubazioni Ø 50 - Ø 63 - Ø 80 - Ø 100.For pipes Ø 50 - Ø 63 - Ø 80 - Ø 100.

Per raccordi Ø 63 - Ø 80 - Ø 100.For fittings Ø 63 - Ø 80 - Ø 100.

Per raccorderia Ø 50.For fittings Ø 50.

Certificazione dei filtri.Certification of the filters


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