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Buy GDA is even easier .. just a click!

Buy GDA is even easier .. just a click!

Buy GDA is even easier .. just a click!

Buy GDA is even easier .. just a click!

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History and Mission

History and  Mission

All starts in 1974 when the founder of the company Fausto Bianchi, together with his wife Mariagrazia,fall in love with a central vacuum system still unknown to the Italians,but intended to become a solid reality.

Now considered essential by the thousand of families and public places that use it daily, today the brand GDA distributes its products in Italy through a selected distribution network in the hidro-thermo sanitary sector and with branches and business partners in the world.

What has always defined General D'Aspirazione is still the strong presence of the family, with the sons Chiara, Claudia and Matteo that have a key positions in their company, ensuring continuity, innovation and competence in the sector. In addition, of course, to the continuous search of new ideas like machines with exclusive wireless solution or other system that until yesterday seemed impossible.

We have designed a solution for your every need, we have created a service for each location  in which you are.From Time to time,depending on the different situations in which you made, you will discover how versatile is General D'Aspirazione. In any environment , our system will adapt to you, to your timing  and your priorities which one result: wellness around to you.

Our greatest gratification to know that our words have been heard and shared our thought. Our greatest ambition is our Mission: "Improve the wellness of people with a central vacuum system".

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