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From today buy GDA is even easier .. just a click!

Finally online the new e-shop GDA!

From today buy GDA is even easier .. just a click!

Centralized suction has an extra gear!

new 1450

Centralized suction has an extra gear!

The new era of aspiration centralized

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The new era of aspiration centralized

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What's a central vacuum system?

What's a central vacuum system?

GDA is a central vacuum system ,similar to the electrical and plumbing, but with the only function to suck,clean and purify the surrounding environment .
Inside of your world, it's professional or home,let the heart pulse of GENERAL D'ASPIRAZIONE, a central vacuum system innovative for the simultaneous presence of power characteristics,efficiency and savings.  The centralized network structure with the vacuum unit to which you connect the different socket inlets is its renowned strength, the one that allows you to check the cleanliness and health of every place of your small, big world.

The plant is able to aspirate with much power generating a decompression process able to change the stale air of the room in which it's activated.

The Unit,usually placed in a compartment of service, communicates via a centralized network of PVC pipes with different environments, in each one of which is an inlet socket to which it's sufficient to connect the comfortable and lightweight flexible pipe.The internal piping shall convey the dirt (dust, dust mites, bacteria) to the suction unit which deposit it in a special container with a lot of  collection to be replaced periodically and the presence of the filter - Washable polyester certificate according to the most restrictive provisions - and the expulsion of filtered air to the outside, which prevents even the smallest particle can be reinserted into the environment.

The mico dust, dust mites and bacteria are filtered and expelled outside, leaving a perfectly clean and healthy environment.

A central vacuum system is a great power that is not seen and not heard. But silently cleans every room and purifies the air like no other system can do.


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