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Buy GDA is even easier .. just a click!

Buy GDA is even easier .. just a click!

Buy GDA is even easier .. just a click!

Buy GDA is even easier .. just a click!

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Benefits of central vacuum system GDA

The GDA plant is absolute the central vacuum system most convenient: from the purchase price to operating costs.

Below some benefits that you will once you have bought it you can not live without.

Power: the central vacuum system GDA is up to three times more powerful than any traditional vacuum cleaners , so as to ensure a thorough cleaning and safe on any surface.

Practicality: Thanks to the many suction sockets, distributed with policy, the central vacuum system is extremely practical. With plants GDA doesn’t carry heavier and bulkier vacuum cleaner, but simply moving from one room to another with only the hose.

Efficiency: quality materials chosen for the entire system, combined with a significant suction power tripled compared to the standard, accurate and allow cleaning in depth, plus the ability to implement a real air change in the most closed and spoiled places

Innovation: for the extreme quiet of the unit, for its unique characteristics, for the wide range of accessories available.

Economy: For the wide range of solutions it offers, for the convenience of installation and for the offer of innovative features that make it the most convenient choice on the market today, even more popular than traditional systems. Soon you will feel the heart beat of GENERAL D’ASPIRAZIONE also in your environment.

Maximum safety: guaranteed by an electrical circuit low voltage (SELV).

Noise: The system is extremely quiet, in fact, the unit is soundproof and being placed in local service it can be used at any time.
Using an innovative and unique interior and integrated silencer provides the best possible results in terms of noise and overcomes the previous external solutions, bulky and unsightly

Exclusive self-cleaning filter system: The top of the range is equiped with a self-cleaning system of the filter back pressure, which reduces maintenance to the replacement of the dust collection bag.

Reversibility: total independence for suction  and expulsion air, thanks to a unique feature in the field, thereby rendered released between them, independently positionable on both sides of central depending on the requirements for ease of installation of the control unit.

Open box dust: the dust container is provided with a coupling system that allows, tank to a single handle, absolute simplicity and convenience during maintenance operations.

Exclusive wall mounting self-locking: the unit control is equipped with an innovative system for hooking to front insertion of appropriate wall bracket and realise by means of the simple pressure of two lateral wings. The new process makes installation even easier and faster and provides better stability of the controller.

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