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Buy GDA is even easier .. just a click!

Buy GDA is even easier .. just a click!

Buy GDA is even easier .. just a click!

Buy GDA is even easier .. just a click!

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The 10 good reasons to buy a central vacuum system

Li aspira e li elimina definitivamente all’esterno

No more odors,dust mites and bacteria:

  • It vacuums and removes them permanently outside.
Pulisci in minor tempo e senza fatica

Best quality of life:

  • Clean in less time;
  • Without effort
La più ampia libertà di scelta nel tipo di presa

For each type of forniture:

  • The greater freedom of choice in the type of inlet  ;
  • because adaptable to all electric plaques
Per pulire ad ogni ora del giorno e della notte

Maximun silence:

  • To clean at any time of the day or night
Minor consumo elettrico


  • Low consumption of purchase;
  • Low electric consumption.
Da installare assieme all’impianto idraulico ed elettrico.

Predisposition system:

  • To install with plumbing and electric plant.
Salute e benessere garantiti dall’assenza di micropolveri

Maximun health and safety:

  • Health and wellness guaranteed by the absence of microdust.
Tutti gli accessori per ogni esigenza


  • All accessories for all need;
  • Sucks solids and liquids
Il sistema Aria-Suite puoi installarlo nel tuo ambiente già arredato in maniera facile e veloce, senza opere murarie!

For all solutions:

  • The Aria-Suite you can install in your environment already furnished easy and fast,without building work.
Svuotamento del contenitore polveri ogni 2/4 mesi

Minimun maintenence:

  • Emptying the dust container every 2/4 months.
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