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From today buy GDA is even easier .. just a click!

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From today buy GDA is even easier .. just a click!

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Why choose a central vacuum system?

The central vacuum system can be installed by the electrician that the plumber.

When i have to predict the central vacuum system?


The central vacuum system is predicted during construction or renovation of the house.
With the new system-Aspirarredo Air-Suite, today, there is also the solution to the structures already built

What are the advantages over a traditional vacuum cleaner?

Maximum hygiene, low noise, maximum convenience and safety, maximum efficiency, speed and maximum energy savings, low maintenance, increased longevity of the system and the economy.

Why a central vacuum system ensures maximun hygiene?

The central vacuum system ensures maximum hygiene because the dust is all channeled into the control unit in the garage or on the balcony and there isn’t the possibility of recirculation for the micro-dust, dust mites and bacteria that the filters  of a traditional vacuum cleaner aren’t capable of retaining.

Through the exhaust system,the control unit retains the heavy dust in the container, while the light dust and harmful substances are expelled outside the building

It 's the solution to all the problems of allergies.

Is the General Vacuum System noisy?

The central system is quieter than a traditional vacuum cleaner because it has an apposite silencer. The control unit is also being placed in the garage or in an environment far from the place where you do the cleaning, you will not feel  noise and can thus be operated even at inconvenient times.

Is the General Vacuum System suitable for someone suffering from allergies?

It is the main benefit of the central vacuum system because, compared to the traditional vacuum cleaners, it eliminates totally the dust mites, transporting them through concealed pipes, in the room where the unit is placed , ensuring total cleaning. In the control unit, the dust is filtered and expelled to the outside. The user's contact with dust can be said to be eliminated.

Is it true that the central vacuum system is lightweight and easy to use?

The central vacuum system is practical because the working pipe is lightweight and easy to manageable, while the traditional bin suction  is weighty and cumbersome, especially when it ‘s transported to the stairs.

Is there a risk if the children at home come into contact with the suction inlet?

The intake system is secure because the sockets are supplied with low voltage being conform with safety standards and there isn't electric cable to be inserted into the system because it operates simply by raising the cover of the inlet. The children  are totally in safe.

It is true that after trying the central vacuum system, you can not live without?

Yes, thanks to its power three times higher, the  cleaning is deeper and the time and effort halved.

How consumes a central vacuum system?

The central vacuum system consumes as a phon.

What warranty has a central vacuum cleaner system?

The units are guaranteed for 2 years. If you compile the WARRANTY and returned within 30 days of purchase, General D'Aspirazione offers more for 1 year for the Wireless  model, while for Total and Intelligence series the warranty is extended for 2 years

The industrial system has a warranty of 2 years for the standard models while for the models with the inverter control unit have 5 years of warranty.
The suction inlet have 10 years of warranty

What are the maintenance operations to do?

The dust container is emptied every 30/40 days detaching it from the body of the control unit with a simple click. The filter that traps dust must be cleaned periodically  and can be easily washed.

How much cost the central vacuum system?

The cost of the central vacuum system will be a pleasure surprise.
To calculate your quote click here.

Is it possible to install the central vacuum system in a structure already exists, without having to make renovations?

Yes, thanks to the new system of Air-Suite, the only Aspirarredo for outdoor installation, produced and patented by General D'Aspirazione to allow just anyone to have a Central vacuum system. See the site of Air-Suite to find out how the system is made.


Exist a civil system that an insustrial system?

Yes, the central vacuum system can be installed with no size limit on any structure: from small apartments to large villas, hotels, trains, restaurants, gyms .. while maintaining its characteristics of effectiveness and efficiency.

What are the accessories and what are they do?

There are many types of accessories that you can see in the product section where it’s shown its use and a small description

Where is the dust?

The dust is collected in the collection bag into the dust container, easily visible through the front button. The micro dust that the filter can not hold are expelled through the discharge pipe in the upper section of the central unit

Can the central vacuum system get blocked?

If the pipe is cut ONLY with the pipe cutter, if the glue is given ONLY on the male (on the pipe or on the male fitting) and you use the original fittings of General D'Aspirazione, the system doesn’t block.

It is also recommended for very small houses?

Of course, in small environments where you have difficulty finding the place to put the vacuum cleaner after use,  the centrals are installed in special boxes placed inside the outer walls. The benefits are the same whether in a monolocal than in a villa at various levels: the stale air is expelled outside, it takes less time, cleaning in silence, etc ...

Can i suck liquids?

With the liquid aspirator you can suck up liquids, dry the porch after rainfall, wash floors, vacuum the ashes of the fireplace or stove pellets (of course after the embers have been extinguished)

Need we bags for the collection?

Included are 2 bags of dust collection. However, they aren’t indispensable because the container can be emptied directly into a garbage bag.

Where can i buy it?

By your installer of confidence or to an authorized dealer who can provide the business office of General D'Aspirazione.

How long is the warranty?

For the control unit Wireless series, if you send the guarantee  to General D'Aspirazione within 30 days from purchase, you are entitled to 3 years on  components, paying only the workforce.

For the  control Unit  Intelligence and Total Series , if you send the guarantee to General D'aspirazione within 30 days from purchase, you are entitled to the 3rd and 4th year on components, paying only the workforce.
By warranty GOLD, at a cost of €. 60.00 you can have 4-year of extension (in total 6 years) including workforce and transport

It can be used by an old person?

The ease of use and lighter weight (about one-fifth compared to conventional systems) make it easy to use even for the old persons.

For which kind of activity is recommended?

For sure in all civil homes and hotels after that hospitals, nursing homes, offices, boats, etc ... in practice in places where you need to keep the environment clean.

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